Image Operation

Image Operation 1.2

An efficient and easy image processing software

The Image Operation is about image sequence processes. Using this tool, users can operate and work on the images conveniently. This software is a library that helps in manipulating images or photos.

Once users register with this program, they get the imaging API operation to add to their own image, or they can also use the dialog, image types and processes of the tool with their own application.

Users can also assemble a set of photo processes for an image process. Moreover, users can also save the parameters of the image process. Later, users can apply The Image Operation options to the image files that they have selected from Windows Explorer.

This also includes the image in the sub directory. The Image Operation currently supports file types like . jpg, gif, . bmp, . dds, . psd, . pic, .

mdl, . dcx, . pix, . pbm, . pgm, . pnm, . png, . tif, . sgi, . wal, . xpm, . pcx, and targa files. This software can be used for any type of image conversion, and it is easy to use.